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Domicile is a narrative roleplaying game of supernatural mystery and haunting. It takes it’s inspiration from the haunted house genera of film and fiction. In it players take on the roles of average everyday people caught up in explicable events of suddenly finding themselves caught in a haunted house.

So Do You Believe in Ghosts?

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The Fantasy Heartbreaker Roleplaying Game, now in it’s new and improved 2nd edition, featuring 111% fewer typos, is a throwback to the thrilling games of yesteryear. It was created to allow a simpler style of play.

Using a re-engineered D20 system this is a complete rule book. Nothing else is needed to play. (Well, you might need some dice and stuff like that.  Oh and players. You will definitely need some players.)

In the end, the Fantasy Heartbreaker Roleplaying game is a lighthearted game suitable for play with… well anyone (provided they have a sense of humor).


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